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In this brave new world, I’m trying a brave new thing. Jewelry. check it out here







I will be taking some time off this year, stay tuned, I am still creating new and fun products, but I am not accepting any custom orders at this time, If you are looking for something, just ask I may have it in stock. 




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I now have more than 200 unique printed duck tapes that Ductape wallets are made with, and I’m sure I will have more to offer as new prints become available throughout the year, there is something for everyone from flying pigs to bacon, from gummy bears to peppermint candy stripes, from hello kitty to teenage mutant ninja turtles, pink flamingos and SO MANY more, you really have to see them all to believe it, so if you need something for that hard to buy for person, just ask me I can probably help match a print to their likes! Here is a link to the facebook photo album with more than 250 different wallets pictured. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.639723336040200.1073741826.167389416606930&type=1


Looking ahead to new things in 2015   Pegahorn Forest Alpacas

SONY DSCUsing a special set of hand cut wing stencils and a multi  step process of pigment reduction my family has been ‘Up-Cycling” shirts and jackets, you can visit our facebook page and click on the photo album for white washed wings to see what we have in stock. Each shirt is unique, and custom designed by “white washing” a wing design onto a gently used shirt and then adding details by hand painting with glitter or glow in the dark fabric paint to give you a fun set of fairy or butterfly or dragon wings you can wear everyday. This is the only product we offer that can also be made FOR you on your own shirt!!  ( some restrictions apply, contact me for more info) Click the link below to see an album of available shirts, ones that have been sold are marked as such in the comments of each picture.




You can find us on Pinterest too!! click here and “follow” Ductape Wallet Co.



Fairy Hair Ponytailers     These fun hair accessories come in several sizes all priced at under $10 each, something shiny and fun for the special lady in your life weather she is 2 or 72 these will bring a smile to anyone who sees them!   Available on the Ductape Wallet Co Etsy shop, see link below.    The Fairy Hair Ponytailers can be made to order in school colors, for holidays, or in a rainbow, AND tiny jingle bells can be added upon request to make these fun accessories even more whimsical!                                                                                                                                               

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rainbow fairy hair in pollyannas hair







New to Pegahorn Forest Alpacas…  2014 blue ribbons etsy banner

Award winning hand knit alpaca items from Pegahorn Forest Alpacas

All of our alpaca items are heirloom quality, things you want to keep for yourself or give as gifts to special friends and family members. Headbands, ponytailers, scarf ties, hair clips, hats , pins and bracelets featuring Alpaca Flowers!  Available in assorted natural and hand dyed colors , these are available in person or online through the Etsy shop (www.etsy.com/shop/PegahornForestAlpaca ) or order through  the DucTape Wallet Co.  facebook page. We also have baby items, fingerless gloves, slippers, shawls, hats, hooded scarves and much more!

We are now accepting orders for custom made pet coats / sweaters! Available for your dog or cat, hand knit with alpaca yarn, you can find more details and place an order here…  http://www.pacathisandbeyond.com/stores/1397/pegahorn-forest-alpacas


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I have been  working with individual hand spinners from around the world to bring you products hand knitted with hand spun and in some cases hand dyed alpaca yarn! Our alpaca items were already one of a kind, top notch things, but now with even higher quality and more unique yarns made by hand and some including such special things as reclaimed silk and bamboo fiber, recycled denim, and sparkle you will be even more pleased with the one of a kind  alpaca products available for your purchase. Since alpacas do not have lanolin or dander in their fiber it is one of the few natural animal fibers used in clothing that does not cause an itchy reaction in most people! Alpaca keeps you warm while being super soft and breathable.

I’m pleased to let you know that some of our yarn will now be able to be made from start to finish by our family!! My oldest daughter bought a spinning wheel, we all have drop spindles, and I was able to get a small drum carder recently, so from the everyday work of feeding and caring for the alpacas to a hand spun yarn and finished product, we can do it all! 






Throughout the year I will continue to offer special coupons in the Etsy shops, check back or favorite the shops to receive updates on new offers and specials!!




In addition to being able to buy Ductape wallets from this website right here, if you want to see some of what I have in stock, or if you have an Etsy gift card burning a hole in your pocket, my Ductape wallets are now available in an Etsy Store!

You can find it by searching for DucTapeWalletCo  or click here http://www.etsy.com/shop/DucTapeWalletCo

If you are looking to shop on Etsy and would like to see our Pegahorn Forest Alpaca items currently available, visit http://www.etsy.com/shop/PegahornForestAlpaca





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I’ll have all my new stuff, and most of your old favorites live and in person at  carefully selected Artisan events all year long, check back to see my schedule below or log on to facebook and check the “Notes” section of https://www.facebook.com/DuctapeWalletCo  to find out all the details of when I’ll be appearing in a town near you so you can come and find some great deals on in stock items! I will be adding events  to the schedule as the year continues, so check back often! Contact me if you need more info or directions to one of these shows.


  I have started a group page on facebook where I will be posting specials, sales and treasure hunts for for new duck tape prints. Its a private group, but all you have to do to be come a member of this exclusive group is be interested in learning about the latest specials and updates. On facebook you can do a search for the group ” DucTape Wallet Co. & Pegahorn Forest Alpacas ” or click here and request to become a member https://www.facebook.com/groups/1518469085108658/?ref=br_tf



2017  Schedule of Events









Due to increasing family obligations I will be doing a limited amount of artisan events and craft shows this year.

I will update a list of events I’m attending here, or check my facebook page if you have any questions or suggestions let me know!








With more than 200 Prints of Duck Tape each Ductape wallet is unique!

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june 2013 ducktape


Custom orders are welcome! to see an online album of more than 200 print wallets, click here…  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.639723336040200.1073741826.167389416606930&type=1