About Sandi

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Pollyanna Violet Smithborn 1998 Davia Lilly Smithborn 1999 Xerxes Logan Smithborn 2001
Sandi has been married to Daniel since August 1997.Hokus Pick played the wedding reception.

Click here to view my facebook family album
 “Cricket” a starling  
“Mick” a cockatiel   
“Atreau & Dragolin”  bearded dragons “Draco and Noel”
Crush Squirt
“Gypsy” Boston terrier Guinea pigs! 
Pet  Muscovy Ducks More Muscovy ducks & a Mallard 
“Finn” corn snake   
“Mavis”  our Bull Terrier  
” Link” my morgan/ appaloosa
“Willow” our shetland pony
“Kon” handsome arabian
“Luna” mini dauchound

Daniel’s Fluevogs  
Sandi’s Fluevogs  

Daniels silver '01 Golf next to Jade my '96 green golf

  “The Thing” 74 VW Type-181 Thing
99 Suburban : Not a VW!
“Jade” 96 VW Golf
“Kinsey” 87 VW Scirocco
“Poindexter” 74 VW Super Beetle

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