The Start of my Duct Tape Wallets

In 1996 & 1997 the band Hokus Pick was touring with a few horn players. One of these guys, Musser(who played the trombone) heard about another band (Bleach) who was selling duct tape wallets. He never got to see one but he figured out his own way to make the wallets. He then began to make and sell his wallets for Hokus Pick.

Shortly after learning Hokus Pick was going to retire. Musser was still touring with them and making wallets. At one of the last shows in my area I asked Musser to show me how he made the wallets. He made one while I watched and although he didn’t teach me step by step, I remembered enough to figure it out later and to start making my own.

It took me months before I made a useable duct tape wallet! I spent 4 years practicing and perfecting my design and searching for sources of colored duct tape.

In 2002 I started making wallets by the dozen and I asked Bleach(who we are friends with) if they would be interested in selling them. Dave Baysinger(lead singer) is the one who handmade the duct tape wallets years ago. After taking a look at mine they agreed to take a few dozen to try selling at concerts. Dave told me that the wallets I am making are better than the ones he had made! Those wallets sold fast and Bleach sold hundreds of Ductape Wallets before they retired. I sold merch for Bleach a few times and it was fun to watch people pick one up, take a look, smile and buy it.

The year 2005/2006 brought some changes as I taught several people how to make Ductape wallets to my specifications and I had at least two people working part time helping to fill the ever increasing demand for Ductape Wallets.

There is no limit to the places these wallets can be sold…school colors, sports teams, company logos and more. I have more than 25 colors and shades of Duct Tape, I can make a single wallet or a thousand if that’s what you need to satisfy anyone’s need for a unique and quality item.

2010 saw yet another change, I’m now taking the ductape wallets along with my ever expanding list of products that includes chocolates, photographic art,and alpaca items to craft shows all over north east Ohio. The Ductape Wallet Co. also has a facebook page where you can keep up to date on what shows you can find me at, and etsy shops to make it easy to see what I have in stock available for purchase online.

Sandi And Link
Sandi grew up In Willoughby Hills Ohio, attended Willoughby Hills Friends Church, and Graduated from Willoughby South High School, Class of 1997. She married her high school sweetheart, Daniel Smith in 1997, and a year later started her Ductape Wallet Co. and a family at just about the same time.

She started making Ductape Wallets to be able to stay home and raise her children while Daniel worked full time. 10 years 3 children and thousands of rolls of ductape later she still believes it was a good choice.

Some Random Info…

  • Favorite colors Purple , Brown, and Lime Green
  • Favorite breakfast food, a bowl of Wheaties
  • Favorite Movie, Encino Man
  • Favorite Band.. that’s tough.. there have been a lot of them, lets see:
    Jacobs Trouble, Hokus Pick,Dakoda Motor Co,PolarBoy, Bleach, John Reuben, Relient K, and lots more…

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