Crafts including Pegahorn Forest Alpacas

One of a kind silver suri alpaca hand knit shawl with flare and loop closure                                                                                                            White alpaca hat and scarf set








Currently Available  Pegahorn Forest Alpaca products can now be found in our ETSY store!


When we choose to start a small herd of alpacas in 2010 to see what we could do with their extraordinary fiber I never dreamed we would be where we are today. Our herd now numbers 11 animals, all male. We have 4 of the fluffy curly haired Huacaya alpacas in 3 different colors, and we have 7 of the silkylocked Suri alpacas in 3 different colors. We have carefully selected the different colors to allow us to make a variety of natural colored yarn so we can make the best alpaca ware anywhere!  My mother Annette, who has been blind pretty much since birth, has been knitting for most of her life and is talented enough with regular store bought yarn, but when she gets her hands on the incredible alpaca yarn we have made from the fiber on the animals she has grown to love she makes the softest most beautiful things.

She has designed a unique scarf design that allows the wearer to pull the flared end through a built in loop to keep the scarf securely on your neck.

She can make a classic stocking cap complete with a pom pom on top.

Annette knits slippers in 2 beautiful styles, one more masculine the other almost resembling a ballet slipper.

She has designed 2 styles of fingerless texting gloves, one has an open top the other has a opening and a pocket to tuck your fingertips into.

She created from memory small alpaca dolls with curly floppy legs that my children love to sleep with.

She knitted a cool knit hat with a brim on it, also her own design.

And she creates the most beautiful shawls with complimenting trim and her unique flare and loop closure to keep the shawl securely on your shoulders.

People watching her knit on the bus on her way to work stop her so often to ask where they can buy the alpaca ware she is working on that she now has her own business cards to hand out and I’m happy to say that most of our alpaca ware has been knitted by Annette’s Knits.


Annette enjoying the Pegahorn Forest Alpacas

Some of the items pictured on this page are one of a kind, but if the alpaca ware you see here has been sold, there is a good chance Annette can knit something similar to what is pictured if we have enough yarn left. Our herd is shorn only once a year, the available colors may vary from year to year, and there are only 11 animals in my herd so there is a limited quantity of yarn that we get each year.

Our fiber is processed into yarn in one of three ways. Most of it we send to a small family run fiber mill in PA, some of it we give to a friend to spin by hand for us, and a tiny bit we keep and my children spin it on drop spindles into yarn on their own.

I hope you will get a chance to see and feel some of our Pegahorn Forest Alpaca ware, the best alpaca ware anywhere! Made almost exclusively by Annette’s Knits! Check out the pictures of some of our alpaca ware.

Update! As of September 2012 we have a new stock of all natural alpaca yarn in, and keep checking back for new products and favorites in new colors!!

Alpaca dolls

some of our Alpacas


Slipper boots

Hooded Scarf, 100% suri alpaca yarn, hand knit by Annette’s Knits


Handspun Suri alpaca hand knit fingerless gloves “Texting gloves”











White hat and scarf set 100% alpaca hand knit by Annette!









I  have created a unique hat/scarf design that I’m calling a “Fairy Hat”, It won 2nd place at our county fair in 2011!


All Alpaca hand knit by sandi, Rainbow fairy hat, containing some dyed alpaca yarn.





Acrylic yarn fairy hats in assorted colors and varied lengths are available as well as alpaca yarn fairy hats, and mixed acrylic/alpaca fairy hats, knit by Sandi.









NOTE! If you have purchased an alpaca yarn knit item, and lost the washing instructions, here they are again.

Hand wash cold water, lay flat to dry. OR carefully place the alpaca knit item in a pillowcase, use a saftey pin to pin the pillowcase shut, machine wash on cold with your regular clothes, remove from pillowcase and lay flat to dry. Enjoy.

Yes some of the acrylic fairy and elf hats are mentioned under pegahorn forest alpaca knits, but this is where you can see pictures of hats, get an idea of what you might like and find out what is currently in stock. If you are looking for an all alpaca yarn hat, or a 1/2 alpaca yarn hat, please check in the Pegahorn Forest Alpaca tab.

These hats come in 3 sizes. Infant fits newborn to 6 months or so, Toddler fits 2-5 year olds give or take a year, I can make them different lengths to fit your child. Full Size fits most from age 8 and up, assorted lenghts.

Infant Fairy Hat






Check for more pictures of fairy and elf hats



These roses come in any of the tape colors, are made to order,with the stem being either a pen or pencil so you can USE your ductape rose, and vary in size.
Click an image below for a large version.

Each item made to order.
Annette is a wonderfully talented blind woman and Sandi’s mother, who hand knits and crochets each item as they are ordered, if you want a distinctive pattern on the blanket, or an unusual shape, not just a rectangle, don’t hesitate to ask if its possible, these items and sizes are approximate, contact me with any questions.

in addition to these acrylic yarn items, some of the pegahorn forest alpaca knit items are knitted by annette!

Crafts made by the Smith Children

Handwoven potholders, arm knit scarves, keychains, and knit hats and hand spun alpaca yarn knit into assorted products from scarves to bracelets are  all available, made by my 3 children.

Framed sheet music hymns with real dried and pressed flowers.