DTW Chocolates

With increasing family obligations I dont have much time to work with chocolates at this time, but if you need something special let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Valentines day/romantic/wedding
Large heart says “happy valentines day”
Love birds on heart sucker
bells, small wedding cake, love birds on small heart
small hearts
small hearts with flowers on top
heart with arrow suckers
cupid on fancy heart sucker
lips sucker
heart sucker
Giant diamond ring ( 6 inches tall with 1 inch diamond)
~ 2 pc heart box with 2 swans on lid
* Braille “Love You” with heart 6 inch bar

St. Patrick’s Day
small 4 leaf clover
clover on leprechaun hat
shamrock sucker

crackled 1 inch eggs
3 inch 3-D egg with bow
Plain 2 inch egg
plain 1 & 1/2 inch egg
plain 1 inch egg
plain 1/2 inch egg (robins egg size)
assorted decorated 2 inch eggs
plain egg suckers
egg with lamb wearing bow suckers
bunny suckers
bunny suckers in different poses, one in open egg shell,
one wearing overalls etc…
seated floppy looking (velveteen rabbit) bunny sucker
bunny head sucker
bunny with carrots sucker
chick in egg “happy easter” suckers
chick in egg wearing scarf suckers
6 pc bunny puzzle
small bunny looks like thumper
small lamb
mini chicks
oval coins with assorted posed bunnies
mini bunnies sitting up
mini bunnies sitting sideways
itty bitty carrots,eggs,bunnies,chick in egg ,duck
decorated eggs
square and egg with ducks and basket of eggs, bunnies
egg coins with ducks and chicks
bunnies, calf with a bow
~ 2 pc bunny box ..can be filled with itty bitty pcs, or jelly beans, etc…
3-D lamb
3-D bunny sitting up
3-D bunny with egg
bunny with bowtie suckers
+pretzel mold+ large full body bunny
egg sucker”happy easter”

~ 2 pc large cross box with flowers on lid
Bible and praying hands
“holy communion” suckers
cross with flowers suckers
<>< ichthus fish with cross
small crosses
star of david suckers

4th of July
3 inch american flag
3 inch U. S. A. bar
3 inch “united we stand”

large and small pumpkin jack-o-lantern suckers
fall leaves suckers
bat suckers

Turkey sucker in circle (large)
turkey sucker
small turkey and pilgrim hat
corn bundle and fall leaves
3-D turkey 2 inch

+pretzel mold+ nutcracker
+pretzel mold+ santa,snowman,christmas tree,angel
christmas tree suckers
santa clause suckers ,full body
“merry christmas” with tree ,sucker
mouse with gift “do not open till christmas” sucker
santa head sucker,large detailed
snowman head sucker, large detailed
santa head sucker small
small wreath,tree,holly leaf
candles, tree, bell
candy cane,santa head and body
trees on coins
detailed large snowman head sucker
santa head on circle sucker
candle in circle sucker
partridge in a pear tree in a circle sucker
mini trees and bells
mini santa’s
christmas light bulb suckers
mini gift boxes
mouse in stocking
mini snowmen
tree,wreath,bell,candy canes
assorted mini snowflakes
medium bells with holly
6 pc christmas theme train including santa in engine,a tree car, 2 candy cane box cars, a merry christmas with 2 moose in it, and a caboose.
~ 2 pc bell box, can be filled with small pcs.
3-D toy soldier
*braille “merry christmas”
*braille”happy holidays”
“noel” card
12 in H and 10 in W christmas tree (2 lbs )
12 in H and 10 in W angel (2 lbs)
10 in x 8 inch gingerbread man (2 lbs)
reindeer head with holly suckers
candy cane shape suckers
wreath with bow suckers
chubby snowman sucker

Large 4 inch x4 inch or bigger
“get well quick”
“dad” with a crown shape
“happy birthday”
a $100 dollar bill

small 2×3
“thank you”
“get well soon”

Braille bars, some mentioned earlier… all 6×4 inch
“Happy Birthday” w/ flowers
“thank you”
“Merry christmas”
“Happy Holidays”
“have a nice day”
“Love you”

baby bottle, bootie,pin,diaper,buggy,stork
large safety pin
“baby” buggy sucker
baby bottle sucker
“its a boy” sucker
“its a girl” sucker
+pretzel mold + bottle with “baby” on it

3-D unicorn laying down
3-D rooster
3-D sitting bear (front only)
beatrice potter character coins, peter rabbit, little red hen,squirrel, etc…
lily pad,water lilly flower,fish,shells
2 inch detailed fish
3 inch lobster suckers
leaping fish
sea shells 1 inch pcs 4 styles including a sanddollar
large assorted shells
cartoon sitting frog, snail, butterfly
small crabs
3-D ducklings with tail in the air
simple birds and bunnies
birds in flight, small and large 2 inch and 5 inch
square bars with ducks on top
small assorted birds
4 x 2 inch bars, one with butterfly /moth one with large bumble bee
eagle in flight,small and large
teddy bear with balloons suckers
teddy bear with heart,cupid,party hat
koala bear with flowers sucker
cat head sucker
sitting pretty puppy sucker
3-D life size grasshoppers
lady bugs
3-D bunnies large and small
beehives, honeycomb,sunflower
fish on circle and square
horse sucker
assorted dinosaurs
small hippo,whale,monkey,lion,dolphin
3-D realistic frogs
2 inch bumble bees and butterflies
3-D life sized starfish
draft horse

Rose bud sucker 3 styles
open rose sucker
3-D rose sucker
small rose bud pcs
fall leaf suckers
assorted spring flowers
oval pcs with sunflower/daisy on top
sunflower suckers
pansy suckers
small rose suckers 1 inch
+pretzel mold+ roses

baseball and cap suckers
boxing glove suckers
football suckers
golfclubs in bag
golf balls
golf balls w “18” “birdie” fore” par” on them
baseball bat, and hat sucker
baseball glove sucker
baseball sucker
bowling ball and pins sucker
large bowling pin and ball
mini golf clubs
foot ball player
+ pretzel mold+ cleveland “Indians” baseball bat

Assorted misc.
+pretzel mold+ bunch of balloons
Ice cream cone sucker
hershey kisses
chocolate covered cherry
swirl nut pcs
butterfly pineapple and rose
diamonds (gem) and triangle
playing card symbols, club, diamond,heart,spade
peanut shells
plain circle suckers
peanut butter cup
rose coins with the number 50 in the middle
heart shaped “sweet 16” sucker
#1 mom suckers
sun and stars
umbrella top
cupcake with cherry on top suckers large
band aid and thermometer
milk bone dog bone
state of OHIO shape with words “OHIO” inside
1/2 dollar plain coins
1 inch plain bars
~ tool box with tools included
large castle front
small stars

Sesame Street; full body old, ernie,bert,oscar,big bird,cookie monster, all suckers
new,head suckers ; zoe,elmo,big bird, bert, ernie
smile face coins
Strawberry shortcake and friends suckers and pcs
Cabbage patch kids girl suckers
Smurf and Smurfette suckers
tony the tiger head suckers
ms piggy head suckers
small E.T. head
Pink Panther and footprints
Care Bears suckers; wish bear,bedtime,tender heart,good luck,funshine
Garfield and odie
Minnie Mouse suckers assorted styles
Disney suckers,heads, Mickey, Minnie,Donald,Daisy, Goofy,Pluto
Barbie suckers; “Barbie” diamond,wand,crown
“Barbie” on flowers or hearts, butterfly sucker
Blues Clues and friends suckers
Winnie the Pooh, piglet,eeyore,tigger,honeypot suckers
footprints, left and right
teddy bear, girl, boy,dog, cat, truck
hippie flower
VW beetle side view
smiling tooth sucker
cowboy hat and boots
assorted trucks;tow,fire,tank…
“super” medal with heart
high heel shoes, glasses, lipstick,bow
small diplomas
small Eiffel tower
large Eiffel tower suckers
small A,B,C… and 1,2,3…
3-D old phone,front only
Giant diamond ring ( 6 inches tall with 1 inch diamond)
Noah’s ark suckers
Noah’s ark 7 inches

Boxes (all mentioned above) all about 1 inch deep
2 pc 2 inch wide heart shaped box with 2 swans on lid 1 inch deep
2 pc 4 inch high bunny box really cute, lid is the face and body of bunny, box is bunny shaped
2 pc 6 inch tall 4 inch wide large cross box with flowers on lid
2 pc 3 inch bell box with bow
9 pc 3 inch wide tool box, includes 7 separate tools that fit inside.
2 pc 2 inch wide heart with ridge edge and starburst on top, 1/2 in deep

Other items available in chocolate;


Chocolate covered pretzel rods with shaped toppers $2 each, see list for available molds

Cookies and Cream Bark: white chocolate with bits of crushed chocolate cookies crushed in.

1/2 Lb $7.00   broken into pieces or shaped like a large snowflake

Peppermint Bark: White chocolate with bits of real peppermint candy crushed on top.
1/2 Lb box $6.00 broken into pieces or shaped like a large snowflake

Smore Bark: semi sweet chocolate topped with marshmallow fluff, mini marshmallows,bits of graham cracker and covered with milk chocolate then drizzled with your choice of color before being broken into pieces.
1/2 Lb Box $7

note, the “bark” is made in a large batch and broken into smaller pieces, so the pieces are not uniform in size or shape unless made into a large molded snowflake.

all flavors are subject to availability, ask for special flavors like 60% dark

milk chocolate
dark (semi sweet) chocolate
white (vanilla) chocolate also available in colors;
– red,orange,yellow,green, blue,pink,purple.
peanut butter chocolate
dark mint chocolate
white mint chocolate

Sugar free white and milk chocolate also available upon request at a slightly higher price on all items.