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Featured here are only 13 of our wedding photos, but please note that a CD portfolio can be mailed to anyone interested in hiring us. We have international experience, and although we prefer to do local weddings, we will consider traveling to the ends of the earth for certain people.

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“I have always liked photographing weddings in unusual ways. When the bride and groom see my pictures they usually want copies. I gave Daniel a camera for his birthday a few years ago. Together we work to take candid and posed wedding photographs that have a more artistic feel to them. We work best when the bride and groom hire a traditional wedding photographer to take the expected traditional pictures. That gives us the freedom to take more artistic and unique photos without worrying about missing a traditional pose.”

-Sandi Smith

Sandi takes professional outdoor portraits of people of all ages in natural settings.


Photography is something that Daniel and I have been enjoying for years and we are now ready to share our view of  God’s beautiful world with everyone.
We have carefully considered our artwork and selected only the best to be enlarged, matted and offered for sale to anyone who needs to add some beautiful art to their walls.
If you are looking for a specific subject to complete your look, please ask, we have a large and varied stock to pull from and our portfolio is always being added to.
All art is available in 5×7, 8×10, or 11×14. Contact me to see what I have in stock, or I can get something printed the size you want.

some of the art we have available