Individual Ductape Wallet Prices

NEW! All IN STOCK Ductape wallets will be priced at just $10!!   custom orders, or wallets that are out of stock when ordered see prices below.

Silver/Gray wallets with a color trim or shadow.
$9.00 each

Solid Color Wallet.
$11.00 each

Limited Edition Color and  Most Prints
$13.00 each

Custom Ductape Wallet, Limited Edition Print & Licensed Prints ( Hello Kitty, Sponge Bob, Spiderman, ect…)
$15.00 each

Quantity Ductape Wallet Prices for In-Stock assorted color, quantity orders

10 – 100 wallets  $6.50 each wallet

100 – 500 wallets $5.75 each wallet

500 -1000 wallets $5.00 each wallet

1000 +    $4.75 each wallet

Custom made quantity orders may be elegible for a discount, ask if your order qualifies.


DucTape Hair bows

1 ductape hair bow for $0.75  or 2 for $1.00

*Limited Quantities*
$15 each for the brown shirt with the  green frog, or the grey shirt with purple and green frog design.

May take several weeks to get the grey shirt, as they have to be made as they are ordered at this time.

Mugs  $10.00 Porcelin microwaveable coffee mug with wraparound design.

Mousepads $8.00 Assorted colors and patterns, all say

Canvas bags  $13.00 Small earth friendly canvas reusable totebag

Keychain  $5.00 Rubber 2 inch keychain to take with you wherever you go

Hat $15.00 Tan silkscreened hat, adjustable back, one size fits most.

all products listed above, actual product details may vary from what is pictured, all will be similar to what is pictured.

Chocolate covered espresso beans, any flavor

1Lb $12.00

1/2 Lb $6.00

1/4 Lb $3.00

1 Lb. Box molded shaped chocolates, your choice $14
1/2 Lb box $10
1/4 Lb box $6

Suckers $1 each
3-D suckers $2 each

Individual Pieces of chocolate, assorted shapes,holidays, characters.

LG bigger than 2″ in chocolate pcs 3 for $5

MED between 1 and 2 inches chocolate pcs 10 for $5

SM about 1 inch size chocolate pcs 20 for $5

MINI less than 1/2 in size chocolate pcs 40 for $5

Special items…
Bunny box filled with minis, $8 each set, specify white ,milk, dark, or PB.
also let me know if there is a peanut allergy so I don’t put PB minis in the box

Tool Box filled with tools, $6 each set, specify flavor.

Braille card candy bars. $5 each specify flavor and message
available are; happy birthday , thank you , have a nice day , love you , merry christmas, happy holidays.

Card candy bars, see list, $5 each specify flavor

3-D solid chocolates $3 each see list for available molds

Other items available in chocolate;
Chocolate covered pretzel rods with shaped toppers $2 each, see list for available molds

full size candy canes with chocolate snowman huggers $2 each

Peppermint Bark: White chocolate with bits of real peppermint candy crushed on top.
1/2 Lb box $6

Smore Bark: semi sweet chocolate topped with marshmallow fluff, mini marshmallows,bits of graham cracker and covered with milk chocolate then drizzled with your choice of color before being broken into pieces.
1/2 Lb Box $6

S&H determined by amount ordered. contact me for details. limited delivery possible. Shipping only available Jan-April and Oct-Dec to most parts of the country. subject line “chocolate order inquiry”

Photographic Art by Sandi & Daniel

Portrait and Wedding Prices
For Weddings, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required, at least 2 weeks before the wedding.
For Portraits, a $20 non-refundable deposit is required, at least a week before the portraits will be taken.

11 x 14 matted to 16 x 20 $38.00

8 x 10 matted to 11 x 14 $28.00

5 x 7 matted to 8 x 10 $18.00

11 x 14 unmatted $ 26.00

8 x 10 unmatted $ 20.00

5 x 7 unmatted $14.00


Now that we are shooting mostly digital, proofs will come on a cd with each picture watermarked. If you would like to buy the CD unwatermarked and take the pictures somewhere else to get printed you can do so for $75 and I will sign a waiver saying you are allowed to get the pictures printed without further consent from the photographers.

The happy couple will have 3 months to review the proofs on the CD and place an order at the following prices. Due to the changing economy I can not guarantee that these prices will not go up after a year.

Portrait and Wedding reprint prices for high quality professional prints:

The price per 4×6 inch proof is $1.00 each.

Additional sets of proofs for family members can be purchased at the same price of $1.00 each proof.

Enlargements and reprints.

$2.00 each pair of wallet sized prints (can only be ordered in pairs)

$14.00 each 5×7 inch enlargement

$20.00 each 8×10 or 8×12 inch enlargement ( 8×10 is a normal frame size, but will crop 2 inches off the picture, where 8×12 is full frame but might be harder to find a nice frame to fit. keep this in mind when ordering)

$26.00 each 11×14 poster size enlargement.

Any picture can be made either Black and White or Sepia (brown)toned for just an additional $0.50 more than the above prices.

If you would like us to shoot on film read the following.

Figure at least 1 roll of film per person in the wedding party and 2 rolls each for bride and groom. Ex. 3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen = 6.
2 each bride and groom for a total of 10 rolls, or about 240 pictures on average. If you have 5 bridesmaids/groomsmen total of 14 rolls of film and about 336 proofs,etc…

The proofs can be expected to be delivered or shipped to the bride and groom no more than 4 weeks after the wedding, in an album that I have a duplicate of, so that there will be no confusion for future re-orders. Please do not remove the proofs from the album until after all enlargements or reprints have been ordered.
The happy couple has 30 days after receiving the proofs to choose which proofs they wish to keep (if not all of them).
After 30 days I expect to receive payment for those proofs that will be kept, or I expect to receive the proofs back until such a time that they can be paid for.


Pegahorn Forest Alpacas

Hand Knit Fairy Hats, regular acrylic and cotton yarn, assorted colors and lengths $22 ask what we have in stock.

Hand Knit Fairy hats, mix of regular yarn and Alpaca yarn, assorted colors and lengths, $20-$75 depending on size. Ask what we have in stock.

Hand Knit Fairy Hats 100% alpaca yarn, assorted colors, $35-$95,depending on size ,ask what we have in stock.

Hand knit  by annette alpaca slippers, specify shoe size, available in baby/toddler for $22 or average adult size for $55 ask what we have in stock, limited quantites.

Hand knit by annette’s knits all alpaca scarf  $55 ask what we have in stock, assorted lengths and styles, limited quantites.

Hand knit by annette’s knits, all alpaca fingerless gloves, ask what we have in stock, assorted colors and sizes $30

Hand knit by annette’s knits, all alpaca hats, ask what we have in stock, assorted colors, sizes and styles, $45-65

Hand knit by Annette’s Knits, Alpaca shawls, made with Suri and Huacaya, some hand spun yarn,  very limited quantities, $200-$500 each, ask what we have in stock or order a custom made piece.


Ductape Roses
Made by Sandi or the Smith Children
Assorted sizes, from bud to open flower, you can request the color, but the size depends on how it grows as it is made.
Priced at $3 each rose or 6 for $15

Made by the Smith Children
Assorted colors and patterns, please request a main color.
$3.50 each

Annettes Hand Knit Creations :
Each item made to order acrylic yarn only, some delays possible. see above for hand knit all alpaca items.

Sizes Available, 3 ft x 4 ft ; or 4 ft x 5 ft.
Colors; just about any color you want, e-mail to discuss what 2 or 3 colors you want.
Prices 3×4 – $35 ; 4×5 – $55 ; special shape – $ TBD
Shipping $10
3, 6 ,12 months, colors same as for blankets.
Price $35 a set
Choose blanket and sweater size, choose pattern and colors, order a matching set for that special new baby in your life.
Price $75.00 any size set picture mickey blanket and sweater set

Character Choices; flower, animal , vehicle , cartoon.
examples; daisy,rose,lily,tulip, etc.
bunny,frog,bear,bumblebee, etc.
pooh ,mickey,elmo,veggietales, etc.
Price $ 15.00 each
Shipping $ 3.00

Shoe Size? child or adult.
Colors Available; many! e-mail for color choices, regular yarn.
Price $20.00 a pair
Shipping $ 3.00

Alpaca Yarn slippers $45.00  knitted in a ballet slipper style

Alpaca knit  Scarf

Alpaca knit hat

Debbie’s Pressed Plants
Real flowers and leaves dried and pressed, arranged in a wooden frame.

5×7 is $7
8×10 is $10 ( green with pink)
Oval is $18
Irregular frame is $24 (Fall leaves)
11×14 is $28 ( butterfly leaves)
16×20 is $48

Can be made to order, your colors, my flowers, let me know what size you want, or check to see what is in stock.